Energy Industry

Solar Cell Inspection

Using a thermal imaging camera to identify solar cell problems.

Real time analysis.

Mapping to check large areas in high resolution.

​Oil, Gas Leak, Pipe Line Inspection

Inspect oil and gas pipe line using thermal imaging camera. 

Thermal cameras can efficiently detect (visualize) gas leaks that are hazardous for the environment and the health of people.

Power-Line Inspection

The transmission and distribution networks are highly complex systems of interconnecting electric energy sources, transformer stations and consumers. Unfortunately, failures can occur within electricity networks that can lead to electricity breakdowns as well as destructive fires. A UAV (drone) with a thermal imaging system installed can be a very useful tool to prevent such problems.

Building Inspection

 A thermal camera can discover several construction defects that cannot be seen by the naked eye at the beginning and may only become obvious after some time when the building starts to degrade. The most frequently discovered problems relate to thermal bridges, water leaks and air proofing.

Drone Contents

Airsens Academy provides professional training on drone thermal imaging systems and methods of diagnosis.

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