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Drone Inspection Service

​드론 점검 서비스

Airsens Package Solution

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​Indoor Drone Solution

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Thermal Imaging Camera System


Solar Inspection Solutions

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Public Safety Drone Solutions


Drone Precision Agriculture Solutions

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​Drone Gimbal System

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Airsens Package Solution

FLIR의 Hadron 640R 센서 가 장착된 Teal 2 sUAS는 미국 국방부가 정한 엄격한 설계 지침에 따라 개발된 미국산 sUAS입니다.

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Airsens has years of experience in Thermography, Aviation, Environmental Engineering, GIS, Aerial Thermal Imaging, Thermographic Mapping and Software Development.


Our goal is to contribute to industrial safty and environmental protection by providing aerial service with multi-sensors.

Airsens offer the best thermographic mapping in the world.


Airsens will continue to ensure clean and safe world.

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1일차_실내 라이다드론 (3).png
1일차_실내 라이다드론 (1).png
1일차_실내 라이다드론 (2).png
제목 없음 (배너(가로)) (72 × 15in) (72 × 10in) (19).png
2023드론쇼코리아_실내 라이다드론 ELIOS3 출품 (인포그래픽) (브로슈어) (A4 문서) (Instagram 게시물(정사각형))의 사본 (1).png
아임웹 배너1920x800 (9).png
제목 없음 (배너(가로)) (72 × 15in) (72 × 10in) (39).png
제목 없음 (배너(가로)) (72 × 15in) (20).png
제목 없음 (배너(가로)) (72 × 15in) (21).png
제목 없음 (배너(가로)) (72 × 15in) (72 × 10in) (5).png
제목 없음 (배너(가로)) (72 × 15in) (72 × 10in) (40).png



#01811, Rm 910, 232, Seoul Techno Park, Gongneung-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Airsens Co., Ltd.​

Tel : +82 2-944-6288

Fax : +82 2-2179-8919

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