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Software (Inspector4.0)

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1. Visualize data on 3D maps
   Explore 3D models of assets using pan, rotate, and zoom capabilities.
    Click on a point of interest to view that frame in the mission video.

2. Point of Interest Analysis
   The video player screens the frames to choose the frame that best shows the point of interest.
    Zoom in and adjust lighting and contrast to enhance the smallest visual features.
    Acquire dimensions using the 2D Measure tool.

3. Documentation and organization
   Report your findings directly from the video player. Provide a name and description of the point of interest.
    Categorize by importance and organize with custom tags.

4. Share Formatted Reports
   Export analysis and POI information to PDF or Word documents. Easily share with your organization or customers.


  inaccessible survey
   Convert your Elios 3 data to a survey-grade 3D model using GeoSlam Connect. 
    A software solution developed to help surveyors map the most unreachable places.

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  Take the guesswork out of your survey work.
   It is very difficult to map areas that are inaccessible or too dangerous for humans, but
    It's important to support. Elios 3 and GeoSLAM Connect work together to make the most inaccessible
    Map and survey your space to guide business decisions with accurate and accurate data.


Survey Class Mapping
Transforms the Elios 3 LiDAR dataset into highly accurate 3D models with a precision of ±2 cm thanks to a powerful SLAM algorithm featuring loop closure and global optimization.

Adjust algorithm settings to build optimal maps, even in harsh data capture scenarios such as dark, dusty, or reflective environments.

Use the filtering options to enhance your point cloud so it looks clearer and more defined.


very accurate measurement
Perform distance, surface, and volume measurements to support a variety of use cases in the mining and aggregates or infrastructure and utility industries.

Whether the desired results are 2D or 3D, GeoSLAM Connect for Elios 3 provides the full suite of GeoSLAM software suites that include solutions for stockpiling monitoring, production mapping, convergence analysis, shaft inspection, floor plans, construction progress tracking and scanning to BIM. It's a driveway.


Geographic Reference (coming soon)
Adjust ground and subterranean data by accurately matching every point on the map to real-world coordinates.

Combine multiple models into one single model to aggregate data captured from multiple missions to get a consolidated view of your work.

  Automatically create clean georeferenced point clouds.

It is powered by world-leading SLAM algorithms with 3D visualization of data, further processing and filtering, workflow automation tools, and integration with third-party software applications. At the push of a button, GeoSLAM Connect automatically processes your data, saves it to a folder of your choice, and prepares it for the next step in your workflow.

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When to use Elios 3 and GeoSLAM Connect

Whether you're in an underground mine, surveying inaccessible infrastructure, or mapping your indoor stockpile, it's now possible to survey unreachable areas.

Mining: For mapping and volumetrics.
location :

  • stoff

  • shaft

  • ore passage

  • draw point

  • ventilation system


apply :  

  • Convergence monitoring

  • classification of rock masses

  • Volumetric measurements for over/under, adjustment and stockpile paste schedules

  • Check backfill volume and height

  • Improved scheduling and backfill design, reduced production downtime

  • Quickly identify remaining stop volumes

  • Find the break point

  • Thickness and volume measurement of blockages


Infrastructure & Utilities: for mapping and georeferencing.
location :

  • tunnel

  • warehouse

  • building

  • cave

  • production plant

  • Historic sites

  • Construction site

  • Critical infrastructure such as bridges, pipes, dams and refineries


apply :  

  • Mapping and georeferencing of existing work for further civil engineering development planning (usually underground)

Stockpile: for volumetric measurement and management.
location :

  • silo

  • Indoor and underground stockpiles

  • Tank


apply :  

  • Produce

  • beneficiation

  • distribution center

  • Harbor

  • sale

Mining - 23.jpg
Drone Contents

Airsens Academy provides professional training on drone thermal imaging systems and methods of diagnosis.

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