Precision Agricultural Solutions

  • Systematic precision agriculture remote sensing technology using drones

  • Acquisition of data in a standardized way using drones

  • Step-by-step calibration procedure before/in-flight/post-flight

  • Acquired data processing and indexing

  • Understanding of indexing information and analysis of vegetation index (NDVI, NDRE, CWSI...) and growth information

  • ​Result feedback through field scouting

  • Systematic training from drone certification to mission-specific training​


Precision Agriculture Beginner Solution

  • Understanding basic precision agriculture services using drones

  • Understanding the Principle of Spectral Wavelength and Reflection Curve

  • From data acquisition to basic processing and analysis​

  • Those who are interested in the application of precision agriculture using drones

  • ​Those who want to expand the scope of use after obtaining a drone license

Precision Agriculture Professional Solutions

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